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Three exemplary candidates

The Eshowe Community Action Group has many schools on its waiting list for infrastructure provision – some need classrooms, some need libraries, some need computer rooms and some need hygienic toilets, but they all need assistance that the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education cannot afford to give them.

To get onto the waiting list is not easy – there needs to be community involvement, a cash deposit has to be raised and sites need to be prepared by the school itself.

To kick off our international outreach, we have selected three exemplary schools to be candidates for the first Twin2Win “twinning” connections.

They are of different sizes  and have different needs, but all three have energetic and enthusiastic principals dedicated to playing a vital role in what will be a double-sided relationship.

On this page, all three explain their hopes for the future.

Ekuphakameni Primary School Maguqu Primary School Madidima Primary School